JOTMJava Open Transaction Manager
JOTMJackass of the Month
JOTMJeep of the Month
JOTMJazz Out of The Mainstream (Winston-Salem, NC radio program)
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The application server brings together ASF's Tomcat and Axis, OpenEJB and ActiveMQ from Codehaus, JOTM and ASM from ObjectWeb, CGLIB and MX4J from SourceForge, and Mortbay's Jetty.
JOnAS is a platform integrating original code with best of breed components from ObjectWeb and other open-source communities: Carol, HOWL, Ishmael, Jeremie, Jonathan, Joram, JORM, JOTM, Medor, Monolog, Perseus and Speedo from ObjectWeb; Axis, EWS, Jakarta Commons, Struts, Tomcat, Velocity, WSDL4J, XMLBeans from Apache; HsqlDB, JacORB, JGroups, Mx4J, P6Spy, XDoclet and XJavaDoc from the open-source community at large.
Through the Red Hat Application Server, customers can now benefit from the open source components ObjectWeb delivers such as JOnAS, JORAM, and JOTM to build enterprise-class offerings," said Jean-Pierre Laisne, Chairman, ObjectWeb Consortium.