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JOTSJohnny On the Spot
JOTSJoint Operational Tactical System (US Fleet Intelligence Exchange System; nicknamed the 'Jerry O. Tuttle System' after its proponent, RADM-retired Jerry O. Tuttle)
JOTSJennie-O Turkey Store
JOTSJournal of Technology Studies (biyearly publication)
JOTSJob Oriented Training Standard
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cried Baisemeaux; "I do not understand a single jot of the whole matter; but so many misfortunes, even were it madness itself that had set them at their awful work, might happen here in a couple of hours, that the king, by whom I must be judged, will see whether I have been wrong in withdrawing the countersign before this flood of imminent catastrophes.
On returning home in the evening he would jot down in his notebook four or five necessary calls or appointments for certain hours.
they all moaned, though they were not really considering the feelings of the unhappy parents one jot.
And, in so far as he could direct, he varied not one jot from the details of that vividly conceived masterpiece of hellishness during the twenty years which followed.
In itself the book had no literary merit; Captain Jim's charm of storytelling failed him when he came to pen and ink; he could only jot roughly down the outline of his famous tales, and both spelling and grammar were sadly askew.
But before I remove one jot of these stains, I must hear the whole from you.
Anything that strikes me as curious or amusing--I jot it down, and when I have time shall work it up into something, I daresay.
If you jot down all we say and then publish it, will it still be your book?
And if you see anything curious in that room," called Irais from her bedroom door, "mind you jot it down.
Among these were many well-known rascals, who cared not a jot for study or for success.
Mr Willet, after seeing them to the door, returned to collect his thoughts with the assistance of the boiler, and to listen to the storm of wind and rain, which had not yet abated one jot of its fury.
In his fine honest pride, he scorns to hide One jot of his hard-weather scars; They're no disgrace, for there's much the same trace On the cheeks of our bravest tars.