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JOTSJokers of the Scene (Toronto DJ's)
JOTSJohnny On the Spot
JOTSJoint Operational Tactical System (US Fleet Intelligence Exchange System; nicknamed the 'Jerry O. Tuttle System' after its proponent, RADM-retired Jerry O. Tuttle)
JOTSJennie-O Turkey Store
JOTSJournal of Technology Studies (biyearly publication)
JOTSJob Oriented Training Standard
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"If you jot down all we say and then publish it, will it still be your book?" asked Irais.
"And if you see anything curious in that room," called Irais from her bedroom door, "mind you jot it down."
If ye return having failed in one jot of my command, ye die, every one of you--ye die, and slowly.
"If they had uncles enough to fill ALL Cheapside," cried Bingley, "it would not make them one jot less agreeable."
Finally, on 29th March, the JOTs arrested the six militants from a hideout in a seminary at Gajjumatta, Lahore.
While the current QIS resolution is one megapixel, the team's goal is for the QIS to contain hundreds of millions to billions of these jots, all scanned at a very fast rate, said Ma.
This year's JOTS was hosted by NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center (PLC) Puget Sound.
Since being founded in 1969, JOTS has been revered amongst its peers as one of the nation's most progressive portable sanitation providers.
New Jersey-based JOTS provides portable toilets and related products to the special event and construction markets, as well as residential and commercial septic system maintenance, inspections, repairs and installations in the states of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.
Such a decision would call into question many types of laws Congress has adopted, Jots said, including civil rights, environmental reform, education reform and transportation and public safety laws.