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JOTTJamboree on the Trail (Scouts Canada)
JOTTJournal of Translation and Textlinguistics
JOTTJust One of Those Things (song)
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com today announced Jott Feeds, a new feature that allows customers to listen to RSS feeds from their phones.
Likewise, Jott will be adding the TSheets application and making it available to its users via the Jott interface.
It's about making Q&A fun and super-convenient, which is why we've expanded to work with Twitter and Jott.
Taking full advantage of the elegant iPhone interface, Jott for iPhone offers the ability to "swipe to complete" any item in a list.
More information on the Jott service is available at www.
For more information on Jott Salesforce and other Jott services, please visit http://www.
We've seen dramatically increased demand for our mobile voice solutions, because they offer real business value, are easy to deploy, and are a delight to use," said John Pollard, co-founder, Jott.
To draft an e-mail when on the go, call Jott and say "Outlook Drafts.
One's contacts in Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo or Outlook can be imported using an automated tool Jott provides.
Jott allows consumers to use their voices to send email and text messages, with the option of listening to a recorded version of the message as well.
Contact: Megan Kahn, 1-425-681-9664, for Jott Networks
CONTACT: Erica Beyer of Beyer-Kahn Communications, +1-206-321-0727, for Jott Networks