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JOTTJamboree on the Trail (Scouts Canada)
JOTTJournal of Translation and Textlinguistics
JOTTJust One of Those Things (song)
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To further extend the power of Jott across the mobile mass market, Nuance plans to package and offer Jott Assistant to mobile operators as part of its voice services portfolio;
Nuance and its Enterprise Unified Communications partners will offer a secure, highly scalable, and differentiated enterprise package that includes Jott services; and
To draft an e-mail when on the go, call Jott and say "Outlook Drafts.
Click on the e-mail on which you want to set a Jott reminder, and then on the Jott icon that appears in the Outlook menu bar.
As used in Jott for Salesforce, Jott provides open APIs that allow for voice integration with third party CRM providers and other critical enterprise applications that require mobile access.
We've seen dramatically increased demand for our mobile voice solutions, because they offer real business value, are easy to deploy, and are a delight to use," said John Pollard, co-founder, Jott.
While as an outbound service, Jott can be reached by all customers with a single published phone number, the inbound voicemail depends upon assigning separate DIDs to each user.
More information on the Jott service is available at www.
It's about making Q&A fun and super-convenient, which is why we've expanded to work with Twitter and Jott.
Factfile JOTTS Cottage is just outside the village of Bawdeswell, roughly half way between Norwich and Fakenham.