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According to Jovanis, one of the benefits--as the FDA insists-is that eMDR eliminates the current "error-prone" manual paper process of submitting data.
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"The necessity to hold internal departments and external partners to the highest level of quality continues to pose cost containment challenges in life sciences, consumer products, and electronics manufacturing industries," said Mike Jovanis, vice president, Product Management and Strategy at Sparta Systems.
Findings from these works have broadened our understanding of important issues, including (1) the relationship between a carrier's economic and/or financial status and safety performance (e.g., see Golbe 1983, 1986; Bruning 1989; Chow 1989; Beard 1989; Rose 1990); (2) the effect of carrier management policies and practices on safety performance (e.g., see Corsi, Fanara, and Roberts 1988; Corsi and Fanara 1988; Monaco and Williams 2000; Crum and Morrow 2002); and (3) whether transportation deregulation has affected carrier behavior and safety performance (e.g., see Corsi, Fanara and Jarrell 1988; Boyer 1989; Jovanis 1989; Kanafani and Keeler 1989; Alexander 1993).
Researchers and designers have long recognized the potential of visual displays to distract drivers (Lunenfeld, 1989; Mollenhauer, Hulse, Dingus, Jahns, & Carney, 1997; Srinivasan & Jovanis, 1997; Wierwille, 1993), but few have addressed the possibility of auditory displays and verbal controls producing similar effects.
"At Sparta Systems, we are constantly investing our resources in making TrackWise software the most complete EQMS solution available, for both new and existing customers," said Mike Jovanis, vice president, product management, Sparta Systems.
It has been found that drivers seek to minimize average travel time (Huchingson, McNees, & Dudek, 1977; Polydoropoulou, Ben-Akiva, & Kaysi, 1994; though see also Lerner, Huey, Zador, Harpster, & Douncan, 1998) and travel time variability (Abdel-Aty, Kitamura, Jovanis, & Vaughn, 1994; Paine, Nash, Hille, & Brunner, 1967; University of Maryland, 1966).
"With our new Audit Execution Package, companies now have a broad set of additional capabilities available as they continue global audit management programs and align multiple auditing functions," said Mike Jovanis, vice president of product management at Sparta Systems.