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Is this the Love, is the recompence Of mine to thee, ingrateful EVE, exprest Immutable when thou wert lost, not I, Who might have liv'd and joyd immortal bliss, Yet willingly chose rather Death with thee: And am I now upbraided, as the cause Of thy transgressing?
Stan James spokesman Joyd Mittra admitted he was too embarrassed to gloat after his firm had wriggled out of some hefty liabilities.
"It's been a disaster," said spokesman Joyd Mittra.
Joyd Mittra, Stan James: "We came out level, which is amazing.
Stan James odds-compiler Joyd Mittra admitted yesterday that the Lilywhites didn't go unbacked.
Stan James spokesman Joyd Mittra said: "It was an exceptional result as we suspect a tipping line had put people on to Norwich."
Stan James were joint best about all three sides and spokesman Joyd
Today's Famous Five acca is best at 4-1 with that firm and odds-compiler Joyd Mittra admits the phones will be busy.
Joyd Mittra, Stan James: "Saturday was a layer's dream.
Stan James's Joyd Mittra admitted his money would be on Germany, backable at
Stan James's odds-compiler Joyd Mittra said: "We were going a bigger price about Albania than was being offered on Betfair in the hope of getting arb backers, but there was no interest."