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JP-4Jet Propulsion Fuel, Type 4
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By tar the most common fuel in use, stateside, is JP-4, and, as we will see, there is JP-4 and there is JP-4, and then there is JP-8.
The two fuels, JP-4 and JP-8, present contrasting media to the seals, the change from one to the other ("switch loading") may be especially critical in going from JP-4 to JP-8.
According to the notification, the price of petrol has been reduced by Rs 6.04 per litre, HOBC by Rs 7.15 per litre, Kerosene Oil by Rs 3.40 per litre, Light Diesel Oil by Rs 3.15 per litre, High Speed Diesel by Rs 1.08 per litre, JP-1 (local) by Rs 3.10 per litre, JP-4 by Rs 2.91 per litre and JP-8 by Rs 3.11 per litre.