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JP-8Jet Propellant 8 (standard AF kerosene jet fuel, MIL-T-83133)
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The Air Force says a 2-cent drop in price per gallon could save taxpayers about $40 million annually when it completes the switch from JP-8 to Jet A at all of its locations in the continental United States.
Jet A is similar to JP-8 except that it doesn't contain the additive package required for JP-8: static dissipater (SDA), fuel system icing-inhibitor (FSII), and corrosion inhibitor/lubricity improver (CI/LI).
I then explained to the slightly bemused truck driver that, while our aircraft does accept JP-8, only the F-34 variant is an acceptable primary fuel.
The 36-month program will explore algae "selection and growth; water, carbon dioxide and nutrient supply; algae harvesting; oil extraction; and, conversion to JP-8."
In this spirit, our research investigates the technical feasibility and cost of using Jet A to replace JP-8 at multiple Northwestern United States military installations.
Jet propulsion fuel 8 (JP-8) has been recognized as a major source of chemical exposure for fuel-cell maintenance workers [Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) 1998; National Research Council 2003].
People were coming forward with health complaints after being exposed to JP-8, so the Surgeon General started to investigate workers' concerns, sald Lt.
Outside the U.S., particularly in Europe, the most common fuel is JP-8. The two fuels, JP-4 and JP-8, present contrasting media to the seals, the change from one to the other ("switch loading") may be especially critical in going from JP-4 to JP-8.
Following the decision, the new price of POL products are - Petrol Rs 69.04 per litre petrol, HOBC Rs 82.04 per litre, Kerosene Rs 65.49 per litre, LDO Rs 62.61 per litre, HSD Rs 75.72 per litre, JP-1 (local) Rs 55.36 per litre, JP-4 Rs 52.63 per litre and JP-8 Rs 55.08 per litre.
After your vehicle makes the switch to JP-8, pay close attention to the engine.
If you don't have JP-8, you can use diesel fuel in the heater.