JP8Jet Propulsion fuel, type 8
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The fuel cell used JP8 at 1500 watts and has a net efficiency of 40 percent when converting the lower heating value of fuel to electricity, the release stated.
Ether has a higher and hotter rate of burn than JP8 and diesel.
Overnight, the sweet scent of plumeria and ginger was replaced by the scent of JP5 and JP8, as she took charge of the Navy Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Fleet Logistics Center Pearl Harbor (FLCPH) Fuel Department, the largest bulk fuel distribution facility in the entire Department of Defense.
Samples were tested for specific gravity before and after 24, 48 and 72 hours of exposure to JP8 jet fuel.
It has the abilityto run on a wide range of heavy fuels, such as diesel, and JP5 and JP8 jet fuels, with varying cetane and octane ratings.
New kerosene additive systems: The company completed commissioning of kerosene chemical additive systems at Medina and Abha bulk plants in 2010 to produce Jet A-1 and JP8 fuels for commercial and military aircraft, respectively.
It is expected that the price of JP1 could be enhanced by Rs 10.55 whereas the cost of JP4 could be raised by Rs 9.45, similarly the price of JP8 could be increased by Rs 11.65.
These engineered fuel bladders will accommodate gasoline, E10 bio-fuel, diesel, kerosene, bio-diesel, 100LL, bio-butanol and all jet fuels including JP4, JP8 and JP10.
We run very well on diesel, JP 5, JP8, kerosene, ethanol, biodiesel, as well as completely non-fossil fuels such as "palm oil".
The company also recently released a new line of high-purity gels at Sensors Expo 2009 which was held in Rosemont, Ill (USA) Tested alongside fuels, such as JP8 and DiEGME, NuSil's R-3930 is ideal for coating, sealing and bonding applications requiring fuel or solvent resistance.
A specific mode of shipment may stand out as more cost effective as resources devoted to JP8 transportation are shifted to a larger single pool of Jet A transportation resources.