JPADSJoint Precision Airdrop System
JPADSJoint Precision Aerial Delivery System
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Alternatively, sources informed Armada that the UK's Royal Air Force was also considering using precision guided aerial systems such as Airborne Systems family of JPAD parachutes to insert jet skis into an AO with airborne troops.
The RPA could then either use low-cost, low-altitude (LCLA) airdrop or JPADS to deliver supplies before returning to its ISR orbit, awaiting relief by the next cargo-loaded RPA.
"Right now, there are more than a hundred JPADS 2K systems in theater," Benney said.
drawbacks of JPADS, however, are that it is far more expensive than the
JPADS was designed to be precise on landing and should easily land at the site's drop zone, but the close proximity of the surrounding mountains interfered with its ability to maneuver the parachute to its intended destination.
These details will be inputted into the JPADS computer and when they near their location, the cargo will be thrown from the aircraft.
The routine experiences of our combatant commanders and forces demonstrated that the Army required a much simpler and far-less-costly aerial resupply capability than that offered by expensive and complex precision high-altitude airdrop systems like the Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS).
-- Since October 2005, the Air Mobility Warfare Center has partnered in an effort to revolutionize the way the Air Force does its airlift air drops in the expeditionary environment and around the globe with the Joint Precision Air Drop System, or JPADS, initiative.
"Joint Medical Distance Support and Evaluation (JMDSE) Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) & Joint Precision Air Delivery Systems (JPADS)." SOFIC 2009 Paper No.
Among those innovations are the joint precision airdrop system (JPADS), the improved container delivery system (ICDS), and the most recent development, the C-130-based "low-cost, low-altitude" (LCLA) combat airdrop used to resupply Soldiers at forward operating bases.