JPALSJoint Precision Approach and Landing System
JPALSJSC Program Automated Library System
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"What we were looking at is, in the event we have a casualty with JPALS, what other options would we have to recover unmanned aircraft?" he added.
While JPALS isn't used by the Air Force, the software is already in the F-35A, Clevland said.
As the JPALS program progressed through the acquisition life cycle, the program was being asked more frequently to ensure O&S costs were as fully captured as possible--and being managed.
Lincoln operated in inclement weather during a portion of the qualification process, which gave the squadrons varying conditions to test JPALS, a new, all-weather landing system that works with the ship's navigation system to provide accurate and reliable guidance for aircraft.
JPALS uses GPS satellite navigation to assist aircraft landings on aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships, even in difficult weather conditions.
The General Accountability Office is less than ecstatic about the Navy's oversight-evasive approach, especially as the Uclass is critically dependent on the development and delivery of other assets, such as Common Control System software and JPALS (Joint Precision Approach and Landing System).
Jaynes, USN, Program Manager, PMA-213, Naval Air Traffic Management: "As a new Program Manager leading the start-up of an ACAT 1D program Joint Precision Automated Landing Systems (JPALS), I turned to DAU Mid Atlantic to guide and facilitate a program start-up workshop.
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The forerunner currently appears to be the Joint Precision Approach and Landing System (JPALS).
The Electronic Systems Center at Hanscom AFB, MA, and prime contractor Raytheon recently completed the initial phase of flight testing for the Joint Precision Approach and Landing System, or JPALS, program.