JPARCJoint Pacific Alaska Range Complex (US DoD joint training range)
JPARCJapanese Performing Arts Resource Center
JPARCJapan Proton Accelerator Research Center (Tokai, Japan)
JPARCJean-Pierre Aubert Research Centre (France)
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While the term JPARC refers to the massive airspace, the soil beneath it is a ground training range owned by the U.S.
Looking toward the future, among the top priorities for the detachment is the continued modernization of the JPARC. Seeing those plans through guarantees that Alaska will remain a one-of-a-kind resource in the DOD for the foreseeable future.
Bondar et al., Proposal to JPARC, 2008, 0801/pdf/ Kuno.pdl.
Address : Eielson AFB, Alaska And Remote Operating Sites On The JPARC Range.
Configuration Source(s) Average long name baseline beam power DAE[delta]ALUS@LENA DAE[delta]ALUS only N/A DAE[delta]ALUS@Hyper-K DAE[delta]ALUS only N/A DAESALUS/JPARC(nu DAE[delta]ALUS& 750kW only)@Hyper-K JPARC JPARC@Hyper-K JPARC 750 kW LBNE FNAL 850 kW Configuration Detector Fiducial Run length name volume DAE[delta]ALUS@LENA LENA 50 kt 10 years DAE[delta]ALUS@Hyper-K Hyper-K 560 kt 10 years DAESALUS/JPARC(nu Hyper-K 560kt 10 years only)@Hyper-K JPARC@Hyper-K Hyper-K 560 kt 3 years v + 7 years [bar.v] [26] LBNE LBNE 35 kt 5 yearsv 5 years [bar.v] [44] Table 6: Event samples for the DAE[delta]ALUS@Hyper-K running scenario for a 10-year run with [sin.sup.2]2[[theta].sub.13] = 0.1 [45].
The $180 million initial phase installed a vehicle bridge over the Tanana River--the longest bridge in the state--to allow military access to a huge year-round training area called the Joint Pacific Area Range Complex, or JPARC, used by the Army and Air Force.
A persistent discrepancy between theory and experiment exists and has triggered two new challenging and expensive experiments at FermiLab and at JPARC which will push the measurement of that quantity to an unprecedented precision of a 0.14 ppm.
That includes $15 million for joint training ranges such as the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex, or JPARC, a vast training area that stretches from the Mat-Su to Fairbanks that the Alaskan Command hopes to expand on land and in the air.
One possible area of future growth for the military in Alaska is the proposed Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex (JPARC), 32 miles south of Fairbanks.
Access to this area, the Joint Pacific Area Range Complex (JPARC), is limited to ice roads during a short period of the year.