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JPDJackson Police Department
JPDJoint Probability Distribution
JPDJoliet Police Department (Illinois, USA)
JPDJoint Planning Document
JPDJoint Potential Designator
JPDJava Process Definition (Service Oriented Architecture)
JPDJuvenile Periodontitis
JPDJust Plain Dumb
JPDJunior Professional Development (program)
JPDJoint Personnel Database
JPDJohnstown Police Department
JPDJohnston Police Department (Johnston, RI, USA)
JPDJobs per Day
JPDJoint PhotoDefiner (lossy comression)
JPDJoint Probability Density
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The JPD Group will be managed by Nantwichbased group head of training Matthew Ganley
During that first year JPD had either regional programs or business meetings in Boston, Baltimore, and Omaha.
Her copies of Robert Eddy's letters during his tenure as ad hoc Committee Chairman and first JPD President, help provide our understanding of that period in our history.
This publication continues to be the organization's official newsletter and source of information for JPD members.
The lectures have traditionally been held at the JPD luncheon during the national conferences and serve as a platform for rehabilitation leaders to advocate for improved rehabilitation placement services.
Mills' lecture was accompanied by an oil painting of Lou Ortale which had been donated in 1971 to JPD.
She said JPD staff do not put on police uniform and wear only civilian clothes so that the young people do not feel intimidated or scared.
The JPD headquarters is a normal building with no police cars outside.
At JPD, we allow no aggressive measures such as using force to bring in the accused juvenile.
She explained that during evidence collection, a juvenile's stay within the JPD headquarters is kept to the minimum, usually less than an hour.
The JPD does not use iron shackles on children and it does not have temporary detention cells," she said.
February 28 2002: Leadership Factor Seminar on Customer Satisfaction at JPD Training Centre, Knutsford, from 9.