JPDFJoint Professional Development Framework (UK)
JPDFJoint Probability Density Function
JPDFJava Print Dialog Framework (software)
JPDFJuried Product Development Forum (focus groups)
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where [I.sub.SL] is the numerator of zero or one multiplied by the JPDF of all realizations of the determined values of all the RVs.
JPDF can be expressed through the PDF of Nakagamim faded signal envelope, [p.sub.z](z), and conditioned PDF of envelope time derivative, [mathematical expression not reproducible].
If the X-ray pulsar signal exists in the received photons, [[lambda].sub.n](0) - [[lambda].sub.b] + [[lambda].sub.s]h(0), then the JPDF of X could be expressed as
If the X-ray pulsar signal does not exist in the received photons, [[lambda].sub.n]([theta]) - [[lambda].sub.b], then the JPDF of X could be expressed as
As the random variables in each segment is independent, the Joint Probability Density Function (JPDF) could be expressed as
Search An alternate approach to approximation is to rely on the chain rule as in exact inference but to sum only a subset of the relevant cells of the JPDF. This can give good estimates in short time when (1) a small subset of the cells contain most of the probability mass and (2) can easily be found (Huang 1996; D'Ambrosio 1993; Poole 1993, 1992; Henrion 1991).
with [p.sub.[??]x|[kappa]] ([??], x | K) being JPDF conditioned over random LOS component which is IG distributed.