JPDSJewish Primary Day School (Washington, DC)
JPDSJapan Patent Data Service (intellectual property)
JPDSJoint Phase Diverse Speckle (image restoration technique)
JPDSJefferson-Pilot Data Services (North Carolina)
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The source code that implements the JPD generation can be found in jpd_gen.c file.
For example, to generate a 20x20 JPD matrix of a source comprised of a single squeezed vacuum mode with an average photon number 5, a Poisson background with an average number of photons equal to 1 and 2 for signal and idler arms respectively, and corresponding efficiencies of 40% and 60% run:
The output file contains the 20x20 JPD matrix in the form of a single column of 400 double-precision numbers in ASCII format.
The JPD generation function is used by the algorithm to fit the input JPD data.
The last argument points to a tab-separated text file containing JPD values starting with P(0,0).
As a result, a file fit_JPD20_100_001_001_mu1_5.00000_mu2_1.00000_mu3_2.00000_etaS_0.40000_etaI_0.60000.dat will be generated, containing the reconstructed JPD matrix of the same size as the input JPD in the form of column if double numbers in ASCII format.
Her copies of Robert Eddy's letters during his tenure as ad hoc Committee Chairman and first JPD President, help provide our understanding of that period in our history.
During the Ortale Administration, a committee chaired by Paul Messmer (JPD President 1969-70) was formed to create a newsletter.
The lectures have traditionally been held at the JPD luncheon during the national conferences and serve as a platform for rehabilitation leaders to advocate for improved rehabilitation placement services.
Mills' lecture was accompanied by an oil painting of Lou Ortale which had been donated in 1971 to JPD. The portrait is presently displayed in the Ortale Memorial Library at the Iowa State Vocational Rehabilitation Facility in Des Moines.
In 1973, all of NRA's life members (2,000) were added to JPD's roles.
Fairbairn Placement Award serves as JPD's most prestigious award for rehabilitation placement practitioners.