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Reyes, JPE however claims that this longstanding and longrevered procedure is unconstitutional and wrong.
Consummation of the Plans of Reorganization, including funding, remains contingent upon the closing of an investment transaction involving JPE Inc.
The current stockholders of JPE would retain the remaining equity in JPE, subject to further dilution in the event of the exercise of common stock warrants that may be issued to JPE's bank lenders in exchange for loan concessions in excess of $12.
At the time of these transactions Gigi Reyes was also a public official being the chief of staff of Senator JPE, unlike Ruby Tuason who is a private citizen," De Lima said.
Chrysler, president of JPE, said, "We are happy and relieved to be able to put this chapter of JPE behind us and move forward in our quest to move this Company into the 21st Century as a world-class automotive parts supplier.
Proceeds of the sale were used to reduce amounts owing to JPEC's secured bank lender, and no proceeds are available to JPE.
The Company's actual results may differ materially from those projected in its forward-looking statements, including, but not limited to: sales levels; product mix; launch difficulties; the ability to obtain price increases; the cooperation from and continued funding by the Company's and JPE Canada's respective lenders; and the timing of and proceeds from the Company's sale of its businesses.
The Vice President never bugged JPE (Juan Ponce Enrile) and Senator Jinggoy to answer, yet he is bugging the DOJ," Cayetano said.
Since Lucas's [AER, 1973] finding that there is a natural rate of output and that average real output is not affected by the variations of average inflation rate, a number of studies [Froyen and Waud, AER, 1980; Kormendi and Meguire, JPE, 1984; Jung, JM, 1985; Cover, JM, 1989] have attempted to investigate the Lucas model with different sets of data and statistical techniques.
The sales decrease is attributable to the bankruptcy filings for PTI and SBI on September 15, 1998; the appointment of an Interim Receiver for JPE Canada Inc.
Then formerly, the head of the Senate was JPE (Sen.
DGI terminated the letter of intent with JPE because DGI was unable to satisfy the conditions contained in the letter of intent.