JPFHSJordan Population and Family Health Survey
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Of the 930 primary sampling units (PSU) identified in the sampling frame, a subsample of 310 PSUs were randomly selected to respond to domestic violence (DV) module, which was used for the first time in the current JPFHS.
The JPFHS survey instrument employs a modified version of the Conflict Tactics Scale, which poses questions about whether a woman's current or last husband had done any of the following to her ever and in the 12 months prior to the survey: pushed, shaken, thrown something at, slapped, twisted her arm, punched, hit her with something that could hurt, kicked, dragged, beaten her up, choked, burned, threatened with a weapon (knife, gun or other), or physically forced her to have sexual intercourse.
Based on the theoretical framing of this research, three outcomes measured by the JPFHS were assessed: 1) having an unintended pregnancy in the five years preceding the survey, 2) current use of FP, and 3) current unmet need for family planning.