JPFHSJordan Population and Family Health Survey
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The JPFHS survey instrument employs a modified version of the Conflict Tactics Scale, which poses questions about whether a woman's current or last husband had done any of the following to her ever and in the 12 months prior to the survey: pushed, shaken, thrown something at, slapped, twisted her arm, punched, hit her with something that could hurt, kicked, dragged, beaten her up, choked, burned, threatened with a weapon (knife, gun or other), or physically forced her to have sexual intercourse.
Based on the theoretical framing of this research, three outcomes measured by the JPFHS were assessed: 1) having an unintended pregnancy in the five years preceding the survey, 2) current use of FP, and 3) current unmet need for family planning.
It was evident that women with no education or with 6 years of education were more likely to have experienced violence during pregnancy than those with secondary and higher education (JPFHS, 2007).