JPFSJuvenile Primary Fibromyalgia Syndrome
JPFSJust Plain Flippin' Stupid (polite form)
JPFSJoe Pitcher Financial Services Ltd. (Dublin, Ireland)
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The 'native's point of view', so close to the anthropologist's heart since at least Malinowski's work, received a new impetus and perspective from the notion of the 'just plain folks' ('jpfs') which first appeared in the cognitive disciplines in the 1980s: it provides the basis for including the notion of everyday cognition/knowledge, as its principal complement, into a particular concept of culture.
However the distinction between common and individual knowledge was, to some degree, achieved by working with individuals identified either as specialists ('omniscient informants') or as 'jpfs'.
I have to return to the 'jpfs', a term Wassmann seems content with because it serves the purpose of either complementing recorded everyday knowledge or of contrasting it with the concept of the 'specialist' (and his knowledge).