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JPICJoint Precision Interdiction Concept
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JPICJoint Police Information Center (US Army)
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The outcome text of the JPIC Convocation also included a critique of anthropocentrism:
"I think the JPIC is the way to live the consecrated life today," said Hirota, a Japanese native who previously led the Conference of Major Superiors of Women Religious of Japan and now lives with her order in Rome and serves as one of eight formal "promoters" for the justice and peace commission.
the defenseless, the abused, the forgotten, the bored," and JPIC describes them as laborers, immigrants, foreign students, refugees, natives, and so on.
As assistant to the Deputy Director of the Joint Plans and Integration Center (JPIC), he manages the divison's daily activities, plans and executes internal meetings, as well as the weekly updates to the General (J4).
The focus is on baptism, eucharist, and ministry (BEM); (27) apostolic faith; (28) Christian witness; (29) Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC); (30) and reception: (31)
Jagessar, "JPIC and Rastafarians," One World (February 1991): 15.
>> m = 100; n = 100; >> JPId = getJPI (fun, m, n); [left arrow] JPI for direct bicoloring >> (default) method >> JPIs = getJPI (fun, m, n, [], `s'); [left arrow] JPI for >> substitution bicoloring method >> JPIc = getJPI (fun, m, n, [], `c'); [left arrow] JPI for column >> coloring method In the above illustration the sparsity pattern of the Jacobian is computed three times.
(4) The Vancouver assembly roundly condemned all forms of domination as diabolic and hinged its covenantal invitation on the dual foundation of "confessing Christ as the life of the world" and "Christian resistance to the powers of death." These two commitments, as the Asian theologian and director for the WCC's ecumenical process for justice, peace, and the integrity of creation (JPIC), Preman Niles, argues, should be seen as "one and the same activity." (5) They both belong to the single goal of the Christian unity to which the WCC is committed.
Flavie, head of the SVD's Office of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC).
For this reason, the Ten Affirmations of the 1990 World Convocation on JPIC at Seoul were chosen as entry points for the studies.
Thus this WCC assembly agreed on a "'process of mutual commitment to justice, peace and the integrity of creation" (JPIC).