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JPICJoint Precision Interdiction Concept
JPICJoint Plans Interim Change
JPICJoint Police Information Center (US Army)
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It was built on the following insights developed through the JPIC debate: peace and justice are inseparably related, war can no longer be regarded as a legitimate means of conflict resolution, active non-violence is the way to establishing justice, achieving peace and solving conflicts.
10) With these emphases JPIC announced its resolution: "We will protest against all systems and regimes which encroach human rights and refuse the potential of individuals and groups.
575 billion: i) 90% equity interest of Jinggangshan Huaneng Power Generation Limited and 40% equity interest of Hebei Hanfeng Power Generation Limited Liability Company from the Huaneng Group; ii) the entire assets and liabilities in Yingkou Power Plant, 60% equity interest of Chongqing Luohuang Power Generation Limited Liability Company and 55% equity interest of Huaneng Hunan Yueyang Power Generation Limited Liability Company from HIPDC; and iii) 10% equity interest of Jinggangshan Power Plant from JPIC.
Heino Falcke, who played a key role in the elaboration of the GDR proposal to the Vancouver assembly and in the subsequent JPIC process in the GDR and at the global level, provides a very personal account of his own encounter with Bonhoeffer's theology, in which the issues of peace, discipleship and freedom are intimately linked.
The JPIC will be located at the State Police offices on 4000 Collins Road in Lansing.
The objectives of the JPIC convocation, as stated in a meeting of the executive committee of the World Council of Churches (WCC) in 1988, included promises "to make theological affirmations on justice, peace and the integrity of creation, and to identify the major threats to life in these three areas and show their interconnectedness, and make and propose to the churches acts of mutual commitment in response to them".
JPIC--the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation conciliar process, leading to the International Convocation on JPIC held in Seoul in 1990.
The developments in the GDR and eastern Europe impacted, Kunter suggests, on the WCC's 1990 Seoul World Convocation for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation, which marked the culmination of the JPIC process, creating a "crisis for the ecumenical movement" (p.
There he stressed the Close links between disarmament, global justice and threats to the environment, thus prefiguring the Conciliar Process for JPIC that emerged at the Vancouver assembly in 1985.
26) John Habgood, "A Statement to the World Council of Churches on The Future of Ecumenical Social Thought [Consultation at Berlin, May 29-June 3, 1992]", JPIC Box, WCC Archives, Geneva, Switzerland.
We are returning here to an insight which began to emerge in the course of the JPIC process but still waits to be acknowledged and developed.
9) And Preston comments: "The full story of the origins of the JPIC programme is obscure as there is in fact little about it in the report of the Vancouver assembly.