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JPIPJawa Pos Institute of Pro-Otonomi (Surabaya, Indonesia)
JPIPJustice Partnership and Innovation Program (Canada)
JPIPJPEG Interactive Protocol
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JPIP is a five-year programme which started in April 2013.
Tian proposed in (Tian et al., 2008) the two layer architecture in which the second part of the system is based on JPIP protocol.
JPIP protocol defines a complete syntax for JPEG2000 image streaming and it is employed since 2004.
It would be even better if the string is formatted as a messaging format supporting image streaming such as OpenURL (Chute & Van de Sompel, 2009) or JPIP. The choice of selecting one of the proposed extensions depends on the specific implementation.
For the purpose of the test, we decided to base our parameter string on the syntax of JPIP communication protocol.
This DICOM field should contain the description of the requested image parameters, formatted according to some messaging format like HTTP, or JPIP. The choice for selecting one of the proposed extensions depends from the specific implementation.
While similar functionality is currently offered with proprietary client/server products, JPIP introduces the first fully DICOM-compliant solution.
"JPIP provides a bridge across this growing chasm with an advanced, standards-based solution, and leverages the inherent strengths of JPEG 2000 compression."
DICOM standards previously allowed only for transfer of entire image files, where JPIP adds the capability to transport portions of JPEG 2000 images on demand, such as a low-resolution version or a region of interest within an image.
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According to Mr Nicholas Simani, the JPIP communications consultant, some of the courts will be completed this year.Mr Nicholas Menzies, World Bank task team leader for JPIP, said a lot had been achieved since the establishment of the project which has improved service delivery by the Judiciary.
"I think the Judiciary as a whole has made strides over the last five years, some with support from JPIP. There is always a new initiative being undertaken," said Mr Menzies.