JPMEJoint Professional Military Education
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These insights and the lessons learned about flexible and hybrid command and control arrangements will be taught at our JPME institutions.
Since the advanced educational requirements were not in place until relatively recently, one would assume that few of the earlier cohorts had advanced degrees or JPME.
An officer's joint-qualification points are calculated by combining joint-education points, joint-experience points (based on the duration and intensity of the officer's joint assignments), and other discretionary points, which are based on training, exercises, and education other than JPME.
and Phase II of the JPME [joint professional military education] program
JPME win provide understanding of the principles of jointness that underpin Seapower 21.
Our JPME Today section features three important articles related to leading at the top levels of the military.
officers must have a master's degree and at least JPME Phase I in their records to remain competitive.
Command General Staff Officer College: CGSOC JPME 1 Common Core contains 40 hours of education supporting and expanding concepts related to cultural considerations for military plans and operations.
Effective immediately, USJFCOM will no longer use, sponsor, or export the terms and concepts related to EBO, ONA, and SoSA in our training, doctrine development, and support of JPME.
Though only a small slice of the overall JPME pie, Air University (AU) touches over 2,000 current and future senior officers through its JPME programs.
Joint and Combined Warfighting School: the legacy course, Phase II JPME educates students in joint planning and operations, and prepares them for the challenges that Joint Qualified Officers can expect in a joint duty assignment.