JPMLJudicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation
JPMLJapanese Professional Mahjong League (Japan)
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the 'asbestos mess,'" the JPML sent the cases to Charles
At the JPML hearing, I advocated for the panel to transfer all of the GM Ignition Switch defect cases to the judge who the panel believed was best-suited to oversee these cases and move them forward," Levitt said in a statement to InsideCounsel.
Nevertheless, in In re Plumbing Fixtures Litigation,(154) the JPML agreed with Philadelphia Housing Authority and asserted, without analysis, that transferor federal law applies after sections 1407 transfers.
While Boehringer has filed a motion to dismiss her claims and a motion to stay pretrial proceedings pending a decision from the JPML, U.
The JPML consists of seven circuit and district judges designated from time to time by the Chief Justice of the United States, no two of whom shall be from the same circuit.
903 (2001) (finding that "[w]hen the JPML granted a
Unlike the general federal transfer statute, which provides that a case may be transferred only to a district court where it "might have been brought or to any district to which all parties have consented," (155) the MDL statute provides no such restriction and the JPML can transfer a case to any district.
Although defendants formally waive defenses to facilitate the practice, the process purports to achieve significant efficiencies for all parties, the courts, and the JPML.
In order to achieve these massive efficiency gains, the JPML is vested with rather extraordinary power to consolidate and transfer litigation.