JPMOJersey Produce Marketing Organisation (UK)
JPMOJoint Program Management Office
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JPMO, which had an annual turnover of approximately 5m [pounds sterling], previously supplied tomatoes directly into Sainsbury's, and via third-party operators into Tesco and M&S.
The JPMO structure is divided into five offices--Executive Management, Contracting, Staff, and Integration.
To ensure unified operations, the JPMO incorporated the best practices of NASA and the Air Force to develop a single business system that includes daily operations procedures and a strategic planning system that complies with both NASA and Air Force policies.
Consecutive launches within 24 hours of each other are now possible--this had never been done before JPMO was established.
The JPMO effectively communicates updates and announcements through the quarterly Joint Update Newsletter and a well-maintained website that contains a wealth of useful links, including contract, award fee, 1Ff, and customer web pages.
JPMO md John Neal says both organisations will analyse their collective performance and consider future options.
After resolving issues at the developer level, the software is tested directly by end users and JPMO personnel on "new" databases (that is, fresh installs with no pre-existing data) and "actual" databases (that is, real-world production databases with legacy data).
JPMO has strengthened its joint alliance with TOP Produce following the demise of Island Fresh last autumn.
Two of the marketing groups, JPMO and Top Produce, have invested around 5m [pounds sterling].
Gordon Corbett, sales and marketing director of JPMO, and Tom Binet, director of Top Produce, do not discount the companies ultimately moving closer together simply because of economics.