JPMRJacobson's Progressive Muscle Relaxation
JPMRJustice Property Management Regulations (US Department of Homeland Security)
JPMRJoint Program Management Review
JPMRJoint Projected Manpower Requirements
JPMRJoint Project Management Review
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The investigator concludes that JPMR therapy and physical exercise are a safe, non-pharmacological, non-invasive, painless, cost-effective method to relieve psychological problems of the elderly.
This is in accordance with the results of Muthana (1994) on similar measures of anxiety, using JPMR and stress inoculation train-ing, on Indian population.
JPMR resulted in controlling the physiological symptoms through the recognition and release of min-ute amounts of tension, utilizing the feedback loop between skeleton muscles and the central nervous sys-tem through progressive muscular relaxation (Jacobson, 1938 as cited in Keable, 1989).