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JPNJust Plain Nuts
JPNJabatan Pendaftaran Negara (Malay: National Registration Department; Malaysia)
JPNJournal of Professional Nursing (also seen as JPNU)
JPNJabatan Perpaduan Negara (Malay: Department of National Unity; Malaysia)
JPNJunge Presse Niedersachsen (German: Young Press Lower Saxony; Hanover, Germany)
JPNJoynt Production Network (est. 1989)
JPNJoint Planning Network
JPNJSIC Peterson Node
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Every child birth must be reported and it is the duty of JPN to register and document all newborns either legitimate birth or not.
If there are doubts of a certain birth, JPN will refer such case to the state Mufti Department for verification of the nasab.
The JPN stands its ground on the National Fatwa regarding the nasab status of an illegitimate child even though the state of Perlis's fatwa allowed the child to be legally related to the father if he does not deny it.