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JPODJoint Point of Diversion
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Desde la asistencia del primer oyente a unas JPod en el evento de Murcia en 2009 y con el paso de las ediciones, estas jornadas han recibido un numero creciente de escuchas que comparten espacios, charlas, debates y reflexiones con estos productores mediaticos.
El surgimiento en 2010 de la Asociacion Podcast y la consolidacion de las Jornadas Nacionales de Podcasting (JPod) le dan una nueva dimension a la comunidad de aficionados del podcasting que, desde 2015, vive una etapa caracterizada por la proliferacion de redes de podcasts, tanto desde el ambito independiente y amateur como desde las grandes corporaciones mediaticas (Grupo Prisa con Podium Podcast).
That book now seems like a trailer for JPod. One of the J-lads even gets a hugging machine, a device invented by Temple Grandin for calming herself (also used to calm cattle, for that is her profession: slaughterhouse technology).
Incidentally, the "pod" of JPod is brilliantly evocative.
But there is brilliance at work in JPod. Not to mention more LOLs than you could shake a bong at." KAI MARISTED
JPod is an island of cubicles at a big computer company where the novel's main characters are toiling away at a skateboard video game that their bosses seem intent on ruining--first the hapless geeks are forced to add a "hip and edgy" turtle character, and then a new regime of management wants to turn the whole thing into a fantasy adventure involving flying carpets and magical sprites.
When it's not being potently atmospheric to the point of annoyance, JPod is light, readable and very funny.
"JPod," a quirky series based on Canadian author Douglas Coupland's novel, has under-performed, starting at 472,000 and dipping way down to 250,000 for its second installment last week.
Jpods LLC and Taxi 2000 are Minnesota-based companies, which specialize in the technology, and the committee was also able to learn first-hand by getting to ride in a Jpods vehicle and simulating scenarios where they would travel short distances.