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Of these, William Whitla's fifty-page '"I Learned Next to Nothing There': William Morris at Marlborough College" (JPRS 26 [Spring]) offers an enlightening and often riveting account of Morris's three years at Marlborough, from the age of thirteen to sixteen (1848-1851).
The $79.000 grant comes within the framework of Japanese Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects GGP with the JPRS.
4, April 1994, Joint Publication Research Service, Military Affairs (henceforth JPRS UMA), 94-029, 8 July 1994, 41.
Table 2 sketches some of the basic differences in the types of markets served by defense and civilian enterprises and some of their resultant organizational characteristics (Spechler, 1993; JPRS, 1993).
Much of the information in FBIS and JPRS is copyrighted information incurring royalty charges.
Bentley's "Dante Gabriel Rossetti's 'For an Annunciation, Early German: Einfuhlung, Inspiration, and Significance" (JPRS 24, Fall).
"I came over here because I liked the style of rugby they played, with the JPRs and all those talented players," he said.
In "Dante Gabriel Rossetti's The Blue Closet and The Tune of Seven Towers: Reception and Significance" (JPRS 23 [Fall]: 29-43), D.
If the JPRs, Barry Johns and Scott Quinnells of the future are swapping the scrum machine for the spa bath it seems unlikely Wales will be in the running for much other than the wooden spoon for at least another generation.
Amanda's Paxton's "Love, Dismemberment and Elizabeth Siddal's Corpus" (JPRS 22, Fall) is one of few commentaries thus far on Siddal's poetry, as opposed to her biography or drawings.
In "The House of Christina Rossetti: Domestic and Poetic Spaces" (JPRS 19: 31-54), Diane D'Amico examines Rossetti's London dwellings at 56 Euston Square and 30 Torrington Square.
In celebration of Swinburne's 2009 centenary, David Latham asks his readers to reconsider their image of the poet ("Shadows Hot from Hell: Swinburne's Poethics," JPRS 18 [Spring 2009]: 5-15).