JPSEJoint Planning Support Element
JPSEJoint Psychological Operations Support Element
JPSEJournal of Pesticide Safety Education (American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators)
JPSEJean Paul Sartre Experience (band)
JPSEJournal of Petroleum Science and Engineering (Elsevier)
JPSEJane's Police and Security Equipment (Jane's Information Group)
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However, rather than expand the JPSE's mission set, a similarly structured but separately organized JNSE is needed.
JPSE's KM professionals recommend the following model, which has been developed and refined over time following its employment during various operational deployments.
These experiences identified pitfalls and success factors in battle rhythm constructs that later became key in the initial development of the JPSE battle rhythm analysis process.
The JPSE battle rhythm analysis process and supporting model provides a proven, effective way to identify information exchange requirements, establish cross-functional entities that answers commander's questions, and synchronize information flow within the commander's decision cycle.