JPSGJoint Program Steering Group
JPSGJoint Planning and Scheduling Group
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During this second meeting, the JPSG adopted its Rules of Procedure for the JPSG.
Following the adoption of the Rules of Procedure, the JPSG discussed the past and future Europol cooperation with the Western Balkan countries, which was followed by a presentation and a debate with parliamentarians on Europols External Strategy 2017-2020.
Broyles serves as project manager for JPSG's and NIJ's efforts in telemedicine.
As a result of the positive results of the Telemedicine Demonstration Project, JPSG has expanded the project and will demonstrate the viability of telemedicine in jails.
* Lazer Dazzler: NIJ and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, through JPSG, has funded LE Systems Inc.
* Telemedicine: NIJ and JPSG, in collaboration with the BOP and the Department of Veterans Affairs, is sponsoring a project to demonstrate and evaluate the use of telecommunications technology in the provision of medical care in a correctional environment.