JPSSJournal of Psycho-Social Studies (UK)
JPSSJohn Pirie Secondary School (Port Pirie, South Australia)
JPSSJoint Planning Staff for Space
JPSSJournal of Population and Social Security (est. 2002; Japan)
JPSSJournal of Probability and Statistical Science (Nova Publishers)
JPSSJournal of Personality and Social Systems (behavioral science)
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The JPSS satellites will be built on the company's LEOStar-3 platform, a medium-class low-altitude-orbit spacecraft that is used for NASA's Fermi and Swift gamma-ray astrophysics satellites and its Landsat-8 and ICESat-2 Earth science satellites as well as for commercial imaging and defense missions.
The Earth Charter is situated between JPSS, with its main principles, and the ten Seoul "Affirmations" with its sub-principles, which reflect the "undercurrents" of global ethics.
Over the course of the year, we moved our sustainment of the JPSS CGS across the country, without disrupting program operations," said Mark Sargent, the JPSS Common Ground System program director.
The JPSS framework was expanded by the WCC's sixth assembly (Vancouver 1983) with the inauguration of the conciliar process on "justice, peace and integrity of creation" (JPIC).
These options, as part of full funding of the Polar Follow-on activities outlined in NOAA's fiscal year 2016 President's Budget Request, would allow the JPSS program to extend operations of the overall JPSS polar-orbiting satellite system as far as fiscal year 2038.
The JPSS study introduces covenant community and people of God as ecclesiological key-symbols to maintain the relationship between orthopraxis and orthodoxy, ethics and ecclesiology.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) funds the JPSS missions while NASA functions as the acquisition agent for flight systems and some ground system components.
7) The Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) process that emerged from Vancouver was, in a sense, the continuation of JPSS.
This ATMS instrument will be the third flight unit overall and is slated for launch on the second JPSS satellite in 2021.
Exelis is also building the CrIS instruments for the JPSS program.
The Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite-Nadir (OMPS-N), built by Ball Aerospace in Boulder has passed its pre-ship review and will be "shipped in place" to the JPSS program.
Both JPSS and the GOES-R program are collaborative development and acquisition efforts between the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and NASA.