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JPTSJet Propellant Thermally Stable (high thermal stability, high altitude fuel, MIL-T-25524)
JPTSJournal of Pentecostal Theology Supplement Series
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JPTs are built and inferencing between nodes is done by calling the "cpquery" method.
The expressions used to generate normalized JPTs are shown in Table 3 the class size equalization is indicated by the ones in the "normalized totals" row.
Comparing MCC results is complicated by the fact that the published reports we surveyed did not identify whether or not the MCC values reported were on normalized JPTs or not.
Unless JPTs are normalized prior to use, IC and related measures cannot be guaranteed to be rCS-invariant.
A number of civilians attended JPTs held by various staff sections: federal law enforcement agents sat in on detention operations JPTs; State Department personnel opined on issues involving northern Iraq; and Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) members offered expertise on engineering and civil reconstruction projects.
At MNC-I, the G-3 used the model of JPTs to accomplish the dynamic and rapid planning cycle required by real world operations.
Of those 25 billion gallons, the DoD JP-8 and JPTS requirements accounted for a total of only 3.4 billion gallons (DESC Fact Book, 2006).
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A subsequent course will be provided shortly to an additional group of 9 JPTS trainers.
JERICHO, June 7, 2010 (WAFA)- The Palestinian Civil Police, with the support of the Representative Office of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ramallah and EUPOL COPPS, will hold, tomorrow, several exercises -both indoors and outdoors- related to the training courses giving to its Criminal Investigation Department by experts of the German Federal Office for Criminal Investigations (BKA) in the Jericho Police Training School (JPTS), EUPOL COPPS said, today.
Acting Head of EUPOL COPPS, Ari Sarjanen, met today with Tony Blair in the context of a visit of the Quartet Representative to the Palestinian Jericho Police Training School (JPTS).