JPUSAJesus People USA (religious commune)
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The reasons that JPUSA veered to the left so early seem quite simple and straightforward in Young's account: the young adults who constituted JPUSA's original members sought to live according to New Testament injunctions--sharing their goods and living among society's most outcast members and ministering to their needs.
Finally, Young considers the future of JPUSA, addressing the question of the continued faithfulness of the rising generation of adult members, many of whom are children of founders and early converts.
The book's strongest contribution lies in its penetrating analysis of how American evangelicalism has evolved in the last half century, how right-wing politics has aggressively and relentlessly appropriated the cultural space of evangelical Christianity, and how some isolated evangelical entities (like JPUSA and the Vineyard churches) have dared to persist in their alliance with a more socially progressive spiritual agenda.