JPUSAJesus People USA (religious commune)
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In recounting this fascinating and important chapter in America's cultural history, Young demonstrates how JPUSA, from its common origins in the same "Jesus movement" that gave rise to modern evangelicalism, was almost immediately able to chart its own course in a direction quite different from that of other evangelicals--and to do so adeptly and courageously.
The reasons that JPUSA veered to the left so early seem quite simple and straightforward in Young's account: the young adults who constituted JPUSA's original members sought to live according to New Testament injunctions--sharing their goods and living among society's most outcast members and ministering to their needs.
Young's work is organized into chapters that trace JPUSA's Midwestern history and its settlement in the gritty urban neighborhood of uptown, examine the practical workings of its communal social structure, and survey the operations of its various outreach programs.