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JPODJoint Point of Diversion
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Desde la asistencia del primer oyente a unas JPod en el evento de Murcia en 2009 y con el paso de las ediciones, estas jornadas han recibido un numero creciente de escuchas que comparten espacios, charlas, debates y reflexiones con estos productores mediaticos.
El surgimiento en 2010 de la Asociacion Podcast y la consolidacion de las Jornadas Nacionales de Podcasting (JPod) le dan una nueva dimension a la comunidad de aficionados del podcasting que, desde 2015, vive una etapa caracterizada por la proliferacion de redes de podcasts, tanto desde el ambito independiente y amateur como desde las grandes corporaciones mediaticas (Grupo Prisa con Podium Podcast).
That book now seems like a trailer for JPod. One of the J-lads even gets a hugging machine, a device invented by Temple Grandin for calming herself (also used to calm cattle, for that is her profession: slaughterhouse technology).
Incidentally, the "pod" of JPod is brilliantly evocative.
But there is brilliance at work in JPod. Not to mention more LOLs than you could shake a bong at." KAI MARISTED
JPod is an island of cubicles at a big computer company where the novel's main characters are toiling away at a skateboard video game that their bosses seem intent on ruining--first the hapless geeks are forced to add a "hip and edgy" turtle character, and then a new regime of management wants to turn the whole thing into a fantasy adventure involving flying carpets and magical sprites.
When it's not being potently atmospheric to the point of annoyance, JPod is light, readable and very funny.
"JPod," a quirky series based on Canadian author Douglas Coupland's novel, has under-performed, starting at 472,000 and dipping way down to 250,000 for its second installment last week.
Jpods LLC and Taxi 2000 are Minnesota-based companies, which specialize in the technology, and the committee was also able to learn first-hand by getting to ride in a Jpods vehicle and simulating scenarios where they would travel short distances.
An advocate of solar powered machinery, JPODS CEO Bill James is trying his best to get away from big oil.