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JQEJapanese Quail Embryo
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jqb = jqe = nq = jqe - jqb + 1 call drot(nq, q(jqb, jqe-1), 1, q(jqb, j), 1, c(j), s(j)) The LAPACK code is based on the simultaneous elimination code in Kaufman [1984] for which the pattern of fill is not as obvious as in the Schwarz algorithm.
Hopefully, the pattern of `+' elements conveys the fact that for any given parallel transformation there are k - 1 unaffected columns between each pair of affected columns, and as one proceeds in any given figure over the affected columns, the index of the last nonzero (jqe in our Figure 8) increases by k.
The code in the third edition in LAPACK for DSBTRD for the accumulation of factorizations has a structure similar to that of Figure 8 with the values of jqb and jqe dictated as above.