JQLJournal of Quantitative Linguistics (International Quantitative Linguistics Association)
JQLJohn Quentin Lavelle (JQL software company; UK)
JQLJMAPS Query Language
JQLJapanese Quail Lysozyme
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To verify the consistency with the data sample available for the bibliometric indicators, it was decided to use the data collected in the twenty-fifth edition of the JQL, published on 1 February 2007, which holds data for the surveys carried out through 2006 (8).
But it was significant that Spurs boss Martin Jql dropped his most experienced player for the first time, just as the going begins to get tough.
where [T.sup.A] and [T.sup.B] are regular JQL [6] (a Java interface to execute SQL) commands, F is a general Java function implementing a condition on the tuples (e.g., [T.sup.A].x + [T.sup.B].y<100), and U, D and I are user-defined methods handling respectively Update, Deletion and Insertion operations.