JQRJewish Quarterly Review (est. 1889)
JQRJob Qualification Requirement
JQRJoint Qualification Requirements (US DoD)
JQRJourney Quito to Rio (tour package; GAP Adventures)
JQRJoint Queuing Region
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Here, they gained valuable firsthand knowledge of the job that awaits them once they complete their JQR PQS and certification boards.
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Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings were dedicated to JQR and shipboard shadowing.
Finkelstein, "The Development of the Amidah: Appendix I," JQR, Vol.
At the completion of the two weeks of AT, an After Action Report highlighting their experience and a Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS)/Job Qualification requirements (JQR) is submitted to the CNRFC program manager, who maintains and uses their newly acquired knowledge for possible future shipboard recall assignments.
Another example of name translation, this one involving a toponym, is treated by Hayim Tadmor, "Towards the Early History of qatalu," JQR 76 (1985): 51-54; he proposes to see in the second half of the name of the Habur River town Dur-Katlimmu a West Semitic phrase qatal limu 'he smote a thousand.' An Assyrianized form of the name (put in the first person) is also found: BAD-a-duk-l-lim, i.e., aduk lim 'the wall called "I [viz., the Assyrian monarch] smote a thousand."'
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Training to a Standard JQR Thus, LTFPAC HQ 120 members spent much of 2008 constructing Job Qualification Requirement (JQR) books outlining the specific training requirements for each key position within the PACFLT N4 LRC.
In Loprieno's words, "The contingent tense dd.jn [check{s}]msw jqr, in the absence of any introduction of t he dramatis personae and of any anaphorically evocable pretext, reminds the reader of his role, of his partnership in the literary game" ("The Sign of Literature in the Shipwrecked sailor," 215).
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