JRIPJoint Reserve Intelligence Program
JRIPJournal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology
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JRip slightly outperformed Bagging and C5.0, as the best classifier in this case.
Conclusion: It was concluded that IBK performed better classification of deceptive pain as compared to SMO, Random Forest, Kstar, Hyperpipes and Jrip. All geometrical features produced better classification accuracy as compared to selected geometrical features.
In this study, we include results from 15 representative single classifiers from diverse approaches: decision trees (C4.5), instance-based learners (fcNN: k nearest neighbor), kernel-based (SVM: Support Vector Machines), neural networks (SLP, MLP, and RBF-DDA), rule induction learners (OneR, JRip), and logistic regression, among others.
USDI Andrews' directive further defined oversight requirements for the JRIP initiative of establishing a Flag/General Officer Steering Committee comprised of active and reserve intelligence officers from the Military Departments and RCs, to routinely assess the JRIP, provide recommendations on its continued implementation, and advise on issues involving Defense Intelligence as it relates to the Military Departments, the Joint Staff, and the Combat Support Agencies.
Dentre os dois, o JRIP se mostrou mais eficiente, apesar de gerar menos regras, ele produziu conhecimento mais interessante que o PART.
Compared to the JRip algorithm, the genetic classifier had a better median accuracy and also a better standard deviation.
For the BCI variant, the rules generated by the JRip algorithm resulted in 96.67% sensitivity and 99.80% specificity in the cross-validation study.
We used six types of ML classifiers (decision trees, JRIP, J48, gradient-boosted trees (GBT), classification and regression tree (CART), and a Naive Bayes classifier (NBC)) to build predictive (learning analytic) models that predict student engagement in different courses.
The comparative analysis of ARMA-IDS and the existing random forest, JRip, AdaBoost + JRip, and common path mining algorithm is also illustrated.
In the above tables, the results clearly show that POA's results are similar with Jrip's and Ridor's results.
PURCIE revolutionized support from the RC and led to the Joint Reserve Intelligence Program (JRIP) with its Joint Reserve Intelligence Centers (JRICs).