JRPCJeannette Rankin Peace Center (Missoula, Montana)
JRPCJournal of Religion and Popular Culture
JRPCJournal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites
JRPCJuneau Rifle and Pistol Club (Juneau, Alaska)
JRPCJoint Regional Policy Committee
JRPCJaipur Riding & Polo Club (India)
JRPCJoint Regional Planning Committee
JRPCJoint RTO Planning Committee
JRPCJames River Primary Care
JRPCJustrite Plunger Cans
JRPCJ. Rich Promotional Company
JRPCJackie Robinson Park Conservancy, Inc. (New York, NY)
JRPCJoint Regional Planning Council
JRPCJoint Research Projects in Cancer (Ireland)
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In the Tier 1 competition the JRPCs are grouped into four clusters of three centres.
A good portion of the scorecard addressed the cycle time of orders processed at JRPC. The presentation of the data and the metrics allowed JRPC to concentrate on two key areas of order cycle time, cutting the backlog of one by 50 percent and another by 90 percent in just 3 weeks.
We were able to request a data run from IAMPm showing total stock on hand at JRPC. A VLookup was done to match each part on hand to its demand.
Liebert said Honeywell-UOP has started to operate in Jordan since the fifties, by granting licenses and designs when the JRPC was established, and specializes in the field of oil and refineries design.
Kelly also said KBR, a Texas-based company, specializes in the field of oil- and refinery-related technologies, adding that he was looking forward to working with the JRPC to make the fourth expansion project a success.
D-EME must provide direct authorization to JRPC to allow the release of heavy industrial supplies to the third-line maintenance units, called medium workshops.
Of major importance to the medium workshops is the Iraqi Asset Management Program (IAMP), an Internet-based portal that provides real-time work-order submission, information on replacement-parts availability at JRPC, replacement-parts ordering and tracking, and technical manuals translated into Arabic for download.
In 2009, Anham withdrew from all medium workshops to manage IAMP from JRPC at Camp Taji.
The information was also used to assist with the development of maintenance training plans and to shadow-track parts requests to JRPC and D-EME.
Personnel then copy the information on a computer disk and upload it to the online JRPC national database at the medium workshop.
The program is based on MoD logistics doctrine and includes lessons learned from the Taji National Depot (fourth-line maintenance), the JRPC (fourth-line supply), the D-EME quarterly conferences, LMATs and logistics training advisory teams, and working with top IA logistics leaders from the MoD level down to the junior officers.