JRPSJames River Park System (Richmond, VA)
JRPSJournal for Research Publication and Seminar (India)
JRPSJapanese Retinitis Pigmentosa Society (Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan)
JRPSJournal of Roman Pottery Studies (UK)
JRPSJames River Power Station (Springfield, MO)
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JRPs had been proven to be the NP-hard problems and they were rather hard to find effective algorithms (Cha and Moon [11]; Wang et al.
Over the past few decades, the joint replenishment problem (JRP) has been heavily studied since not only is the JRP a multi-item inventory problem but also it is widely applied to lot sizing problems in manufacturing applications (Axsater and Zhang [1]; Wang et al.
[4] found that the basic DE is a good candidate for the similar JRPs. But, the effectiveness of DEs for the fuzzy JRD should be studied further because of the difficult mathematical properties.
As a multi-item inventory problem, the joint replenishment problem (JRP) has been widely applied to lots of sizing problems in manufacturing applications (Hsu [1]; Goyal [2]; Wang et al.
[29] studied a novel JRP model based on DCP with fuzzy minor replenishment cost and fuzzy inventory holding cost.
The joint replenishment problem (JRP) is a practical inventory problem of a group of products that can be jointly ordered from a single supplier (Goyal [1]; Wang et al.
[9], the differences between the JRD policy and typical JRP can be concluded as follows: (a) the JRP supposes deterministic demand, while our model considers stochastic demand and allows for shortage; (b) the JRP just discusses the replenishment policy, while our model analyses not only replenishment but also transportation decision; (c) the JRP is a single objective model, while our model is a multiobjective model.
Apos ter o requerimento de Ax1 indeferido ou apos a DCB do beneficio, os segurados podem requerer um PR ou um recurso a JRPS, considerados pericias de ordem 2, encontradas em 29,5% dos 11.236 Ax1 avaliados.