JRSOIJoint Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration
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In my opinion, few missions are more challenging than the simultaneous noncombatant evacuation operation and JRSOI mission in Korea; that's why we must train on them all the time.
The 3rd MEDCOM facilitated this by assigning the MLMC commander (grade O6) operational control of 2 MEDLOG battalions (388th and 428th) to allow optimal allocation of personnel and skills between a primary theater distribution center in Qatar and a forward distribution point for JRSOI in Kuwait.
JRSOI at the ISB generates human, procedural, and technical interoperability training opportunities across the airborne MNBCT.
JRSOI doctrine allows planners, commanders, and their staffs to develop training for ISB employment that replicates an ISB's role in crisis-response conditions.
The ISB was instrumental in providing an opportunity for the sustainment brigade TAC and its CSSB to train on the sustainment brigade's mission essential task to conduct JRSOI. While the primary training audience is the rotational BCT during decisive action operations, JRTC places additional burdens on the BCT by requiring that it use the ISB.
A sustainment brigade TAC and its CSSB can alleviate the burden on the rotational unit at the ISB while simultaneously training on one of the unit's core competencies of JRSOI. For future rotations with a sustainment brigade TAC and CSSB, the JRTC Operations Group should shift all planning and execution of the ISB from the BCT to a sustainment brigade and its subordinate EAB sustainment units.
During planning and scenario design, the sustainment brigade and CSSB with the task of JRSOI should be seen as separate rotational units from the BCT.
Effective logistics command and control was essential for executing the JRSOI tasks.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia granted the United States, along with its western allies, essential access to seaports and airports, which allowed them to establish the intermediate staging bases critical to accomplishing JRSOI. Using existing infrastructure proved significant to staging forces after reception.