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They also highlighted the importance of using JRTR to produce medical radionuclide and of expanding the use of applications in the nuclear medicine field, which would improve the health sector and its services in the country by providing chemical elements such as Iodine and Technetium.
The results thus obtained could be applied to the actual siphon breaker design in the JRTR. Seo et al.
According to Hawwari, JRTR is the nucleus for a national center for nuclear science and technology, training for specialists and engineers in nuclear technologies, and the promotion of a nuclear safety culture.
As well as being Jordan's first nuclear reactor, JRTR also represents an important first overseas order for South Korea's nuclear power industry.
The JRTR, to be built at the Jordan University of Sciences and Technology, about 70 kilometers north of Amman, will be based on South Korea's 30 megawatt High-flux Advanced Neutron Application Reactor (HANARO) unit.
Twaisi commended the Jordan-Korean nuclear cooperation, especially after establishing the Jordan Research and Training Reactor (JRTR), constructed inside the Jordan University for Science and Technology campus "which will be a research center in this field." He spoke about the importance of cooperation between Korean and Jordanian research institutions, stressing the importance of for boosting cooperation between the ministry and KAERI through funding research and postgraduate students via the Ministry's Scientific Research Fund.
The loan will be allocated to complete the additional works at the research and training reactor (JRTR) at the Jordan University for Science & Technology, which was previously funded through the original $70 million-loan agreement in 2010.
The 30-month contract aims at boosting the capacity of the commission's technical team and providing oversight over all phases of the Jordanian Research and Training Reactor (JRTR) project from construction go-ahead to the successful commissioning of the JRTR in 2016, Hawari said in a statement.