JRTVCJordan Radio and Television Corporation (Amman)
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The King urged staff to carry on with their "endeavour to convey citizens' concerns, hopes and aspirations and pursue the process of giving so that JRTVC will remain a media outlet seeking excellence."
The MoU was signed by JRTVC Director General Ramadan Al Rawahdeh and HE Dr.
From another side, the JRTVC will provide TAG-Org with the specialized courses to be held by the organization for more promotion inside and outside the Kingdom in addition to recognize the training center at the Corporation to become an accredited center for Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Cambridge IT Skills certificate exams while providing the Corporation with the accredited training curriculum.
In the meantime, the JRTVC will be committed, through the MoU, to refer to TAG-Org in its websites, to cover the Organization s news, events and to host its experts in programs and meeting conducted by the Corporation.
During a visit to the corporation on Wednesday accompanied by State Minister for Media Affairs and Culture Minister Samih Mytah, Ensour was briefed by JRTVC Director General Ramadan Rawashdeh on preparations taken by the corporation to follow up and cover the elections.
JRTVC Dirctor, Ramada Rawashdeh, said his corporation is working on a media plan for the upcoming elections, stressing the corporation's neutrality and its key role in urging citizens to register to vote.
The deal, inked by JRTVC Acting Director-General Saleh Qallab and visiting Turkish Deputy Premier, Bulent Arinc, entails exchanging TV programs and archives as well as cooperation in the documentaries industry.
Rifai said during a visit to the corporation, that JRTVC is a state outlet but the government would not tolerate to see it blocked, to the "other opinion".
He said JRTVC's focus should be on political, cultural and social programs that enrich Jordanian life thought, while adhering to the constitution and basic national principles.
The prime minister said JRTVC is a key area of interest, by His Majesty King Abdullah II, just like any national media outlet.