JS32British Aerospace Jetstream 32 (airliner; UK)
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Selection of rational systems of brazing alloys, where silicon and boron in combination with powder fillers from multicomponent nickel HTA (of Rene-142, JS6U and JS32 type) are present as depressants, allow in combination with a finishing vacuum heat treatment renovating single and complex components of turbine nozzle guide vanes and nozzle doors, which underwent in the process of their operation heat-fatigue fracture, etc.
In the national practice it became possible to employ carefully controlled system of return of the cast production waste for manufacturing charge billets only for some especially expensive rhenium-containing alloys (of JS32 type) on <<Progress>> company (Zaporozhie).
For example, application as a filler of powders of alloys JS32 and Rene-142, into composition of which enter tantalum, rhenium and hafnium, makes it possible to braze items from state-of-the-art casting high-temperature alloys (HTA).