JSAFJapan Sailing Federation
JSAFJoint Semi-Automated Forces
JSAFJoint SIGINT Avionics Family
JSAFJapan Study Abroad Foundation (higher education)
JSAFJihlavsky Spolek Amaterskych Filmaru (Czech: Jihlava Association of Amateur Filmmakers; Jihlava, Czech Republic)
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"We distribute the game with a program called JSAF. If you want to look at it as a big video game, everyone here, in their particular area--air warfare, submarine warfare and surface warfare--controls their part of the game.
Carlton "Bud" Jewett, commander of NWDC, is the technical director for the NCTE and for the Navy JSAF program.
"In the JSAF model, we integrate features of the future design of a carrier," explained Riley.
With JSAF, military planners can simulate an entire military operation, from the build-up process, the people and the weapon kits, to the information exchanges that take place on the ship, said Lisle.
Their respective performances fully blended into the constructive operational units generated by the JSAF environment.
A version of the Joint SIGINT Avionics Family (JSAF) will be developed for the U-2 and RQ-4.
It is supporting the ALQ-126B, ALQ- 144 and Combat DF and won the Joint SIGINT Avionics Family (JSAF) Low Band program in 1996.
(Belcamp, MD) a $5.6 million contract under a program to integrate the Joint Signals Intelligence Avionics Family (JSAF) Low Band Subsystem (LBSS) Demonstrator onto the multifunction variant of the Airborne Reconnaissance Low (ARL-M) aircraft.
Under the supervision of the Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office (DARO) and the National Security Agency (NSA), the US military has embarked on a program to standardize the mission equipment used by its various SIGINT aircraft, unifying them with a set of common sensor payloads and processing software that together will form the Joint SIGINT Avionics Family (JSAF).
I don't think it will ever be a JSAF [Joint SIGINT Avionics Family] platform, but it'll have specialized packages."
SIGINT development is moving forward with the Joint SIGINT Avionics Family (JSAF), formerly known as the Joint Airborne SIGINT System.