JSAIJapanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
JSAIJob Search Attitude Inventory (personal assessment)
JSAIJerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam (est. 1979)
JSAIJapanese Society of Agricultural Informatics
JSAIJeffrey Simbrow Associates Inc. (healthcare marketing and communications)
JSAIJava Script Authoring Interface (programming)
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Thereafter, during the pendency of investigation, JTEKT/ JSAI also approached the CCI by filing an application under the Section 46 of the Act read with the LPR.
In terms thereof, the penalty to be imposed upon NSK/RNSSwas computed at the rate of 4% of the relevant turnover of RNSS and uponJTEKT/JSAI,at the rate of 1 time of the relevant profit of JSAI.Also, considering the totality of facts and circumstances of the case, penalty, in terms of Section 27 (b) of the Act, to be imposed on the individuals of NSK and JTEKT, held liable under Section 48 of the Act, was computed at the rate of 10 percent of the average of their income for the preceding three years.
Figure 1 shows some statistics about JSAI. The number of members increased from 1986-1993 although it was in the middle of the "AI Winter." Definitely, the rapid increase in membership during the first several years is due to the founders' enthusiasm and the followers' appreciation of the group.
This year celebrates the 25th anniversary of JSAI, which now has around 3000 members.
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In his controversial article "Towards a Pre-History of Islam" (JSAI 17 [1994] 108-41), Nevo argued that these inscriptions reveal a gradual process in which Islam developed from an indeterminate monotheism to the religion we now know through the first two centuries AH.
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