JSAMJapanese Society of Agricultural Machinery
JSAMJournal of the Society for American Music (Cambridge University Press)
JSAMJoint Security Assistance Memorandum (JSPS)
JSAMjoint standoff surface attack missile (US DoD)
JSAMJava Secure Access Manager
JSAMJava Signature Analysis Module
JSAMJoint Service Achievement Medal
JSAMJoint Service Aircrew Mask
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The rotary-wing program is the most advanced of the JSAM programs.
Also, JSR plans to terminate the asset management agreement with JSAM upon the condition that the Merger is effected with the approval from the general meeting of unitholders of JSR.
As an international, peer-reviewed journal devoted to American music and music in the Americas, JSAM hopes to encourage greater international readership and contributions.
Although the asset management agreement between JSAM and JSR is expected to be terminated on the condition that the REIT Merger becomes effective, Canal Investment has determined that the REIT Merger may be more smoothly implemented if JSAM becomes its subsidiary before the REIT Merger.
When you're having conversations in class or during other conferences, when you engage with colleagues from other disciplines, when you encounter important work that falls under the umbrella of "all musics in the Americas," please encourage those you speak with to consider the Society for American Music and JSAM as venues to present their work.
Articles to appear in the first issues of JSAM include Christopher Reynolds on Porgy and Bess, Denise Von Glahn and Michael Broyles on re-dating the beginnings of musical modernism, Leta Miller on race and the American Federation of Musicians, Teresa Magdanz on "Sobre las Olas" as cultural synecdoche, Benjamin Givan on McCoy Tyner and "Bessie's Blues", and Laurie Stras on music of the Boswell Sisters.
Tsou thanked the two Members at Large who were completing their three-year terms on the Board (David Brackett and Mark Clague) and the JSAM editors who were finishing their terms: William Robin (Assistant Editor), John Koegel (Book Review Editor), Juanita Karp (Recording Review Editor), Jessica Sternfeld (Multimedia Review Editor), and Mark Katz (Editor-in-Chief).
The media editor is responsible for soliciting and commissioning reviews of recorded sound and multimedia products that are not selected for inclusion in JSAM.
He ended what would be his final report as editor of JSAM with an encouragement for all of us to take advantage of the online accessibility to the journal afforded to us by Cambridge University Press.
As I mentioned in my last column, Mark Katz, our JSAM editor, will be finishing his term in 2014.
Many thanks to the JSAM Search Committee, Josephine Wright (chair), Katherine Preston, and Tom Riis, for finding the Society an outstanding editor.
Mark Katz, our JSAM editor extraordinaire, will be completing his term in 2014.