JSBSJournal of Small Business Strategy
JSBSJapanese Society of Baby Science (Tokyo, Japan)
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(56) This essentially indicates that Building Societies served long-term depositors; whereas savings banks (2.5% rates and shorter notice) and JSBs (variable rates rates and payable on demand) catered for short-term savings needs.
Insofar as these governments utilize funds to support locally-controlled SOEs, the ITICs are not too dissimilar from certain of Viet Nam's JSBs in their function.
At the same power setting, the JSB Exact King pellets averaged 875 fps and generated an average muzzle energy of 41.66 foot-pounds.
In the Standard Zone, adult tickets are PS22, concessions PS15, juniors PS11, JSBs over-12 PS7 and JSBs under-12 are PS3.
Y Reserved-seat tickets are available for Block 23 which is in Standard Zone - PS22 for adults, PS15 for concessions, PS11 for juniors, PS7 for JSBs and PS3 for JSBs under the age of 12.
The prices are - Family zone: PS252, concessions PS189, juniors PS126 (PS6 per match), Junior Sky Blue members PS63, JSBs under-12 free.
JSBs between 12 and 16 can buy in the Family Zone for PS23, reduced from PS46 if they are accompanied by a paying adult.
Season tickets in the premium zone will cost PS253 for adults, PS184 for concessions, PS115 for juniors, PS69 for Junior Sky Blues (JSBs) and PS46 for JSBs under seven.
In the majority of the ground, adult tickets are PS22, concessions are PS15 and JSBs are PS7.
Concession prices range from PS8 to PS13 and JSBs are from free to PS3.