JSCPJava Software Co-Processor
JSCPJoint Strategic Capabilities Plan
JSCPJava Software Coprocessor
JSCPJoint Standing Committee of the Primates
JSCPJoint Service Cost Position
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When the JSCP directs the formulation of a new OPLAN, the appro priate GCC is tasked with primary responsibility for its development.
The JSCP data, taken together with the updated guidance, quite naturally uncover a process that ignores current doctrine and policy, a condition problematic in itself.
For scenarios that are not already tasked in the GEF or the JSCP through the Title 10 legal process outlined above, the president can task the department through the secretary of defense who in turn will issue a Strategic Guidance Statement, or the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who will issue a Planning Order to the relevant combatant commander to commence planning.
Enquanto no periodo 1990-1994, a media anual de empresas que distribuiram dividendos e de aproximadamente 40%, para o periodo 1997-2003, 60% das firmas brasileiras distribuiram seus resultados via dividendos ou JSCP.
In our previous studies, we analyzed the clinical effectiveness and economic efficiency of common diagnostic test panels, which are advocated by the Japan Society of Clinical Pathology (JSCP) [5] (1, 2).
Aerospace campaign planning starts with the Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan (JSCP), (24) which provides guidance to the commander in chief, US Space Command (USCINCSPACE), apportions space forces, and assigns space tasks to combatant commanders and service chiefs.
A result of the agreement has been the establishment of the Joint Force Commander's Electronic Warfare Staff (JCEWS) within the Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan (JSCP) and in the JCS primary doctrinal publication, "Electronic Warfare in Joint Military Operations."
(29) CJCSI 3141.01E, Management and Review of Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan (JSCP)--Tasked Plans (Washington, DC: The Joint Staff, September 8, 2014), D-2.