JSDSJoint Staff Doctrine Sponsor (US DoD)
JSDSJava System Directory Server (Sun Microsystems)
JSDSJapanese Society for Dermatologic Surgery (Japan; since 1989)
JSDSJapan Society for Distributive Sciences
JSDSJStamp Development Station (Systronix, Inc.)
JSDSJob Standards Development System (NASA expert system)
JSDSJapan Super Duathlon Series
JSDSJugoslovanske socialnodemokratske stranke
JSDSJason Science Data Subsystem
JSDSJohnson County Developmental Supports (Office)
JSDSJapan Society for Natural Disaster Science
JSDSJonathan Stephenson Design Services (UK)
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JSDs will enable the sponsor to utilize a two-tiered structure for working agreements with CSPs.
Development of a Joint Services Document (JSD) is initiated here.
The purpose of this JSD is to explain how the company and CSP will work together to manage the logistics of the relationship.
An established entity-life modeling approach, Jackson Structured Development (JSD), was originally intended for data processing applications.
This article will study how the principles that underlie JSD may form the basis of a generic, entity-life modeling approach to the design of multi-tasking software.
Since JSD has traditionally targeted such languages as COBOL and FORTRAN, it does not rely on language support for information hiding and data abstraction but uses processes as the only vehicle for software structuring.
The term task will be used in the Ada sense, while the word process will be used in the more abstract, JSD sense.
JsD is a method for system development created by Michael Jackson [9] and John Cameron [3].
The result of the model phase in JSD is a collection of these software processes, each modeling a real-world entity.
In the second JSD development phase, the network phase, the model processes are enhanced with functions such as operations on program variables and the generation of output.
Figures 3 and 4 show the two forms of process communication in JSD. Data stream connection (Figure 3) can be thought of as message communication: the process ELEVATOR-1 sends data messages to ELCONTROL which handles them on a first-in-first-out basis.