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The JSEA represents a collective effort to jointly capture the most important socioeconomic challenges following the Yemeni crisis, and prepares the ground for a coordinated response by the international community in support of the Government s Transitional Program for Stabilization and Development, says Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, United Nations Resident Coordinator.
The JSEA (1991) study asked, "What would you identify as detracting from a successful and satisfying working relationship?
His account, however, meets to a high level the historians' demand for objectivity, and he has since managed to enhance the contribution history can make to public debate by further publications, in particular "'Manufacturing Consensus': The Role of the State Council in Brunei Darussalam," JSEAS (2000a) and The Brunei Constitution of 1959: An Inside History (2000b).
To echo my predecessor, JSEAS will continue to feature the excellent scholarship emerging from Europe.
I would like to thank Wynn Gadkar-Wilcox, Christopher Goscha, Kennon Breazeale, Thongchai Winichakul and the anonymous reviewers of JSEAS for offering thoughtful comment to help improve this article.
Special thanks also go to the anonymous reviewers and the editor of JSEAS for their helpful comments.
As JSEAS reviewer Dr Yeo Kim Wah put it, 'The prose is concise and smooth-flowing, the research wide-ranging and thorough, the factual foundation well-grounded and firm, the analysis fully-documented and of a very high standard.
Last but not least, let me introduce two new editorial members: Portia Reyes as associate editor; and Ho Chi Tim, who inherits the position of book review editor from Peter Borschberg, to whom goes our utmost appreciation for the great work done in making JSEAS the premier publication for reviews of Southeast Asian scholarship.
I want to thank JSEAS for including the article in this special issue and I especially want to thank the two anonymous reviewers for their incisive and challenging comments.
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This research note, which discusses a number of recent works by Harsono (such as his 2013 exhibition at the Jogja National Museum), offers a tantalising preview of a forthcoming special issue of JSEAS devoted to the region's visual and performing arts.
Thanks also to the two anonymous JSEAS reviewers who pointed me to additional sources and offered thoughtful suggestions.