JSEAJesuit Secondary Education Association
JSEAJapan Space Elevator Association (Japan)
JSEAJob Safety Environmental Analysis
JSEAJob Safety and Environmental Impact Analysis
JSEAJ.S. Eliezer Associates (Stanford, CT)
JSEAJunior Space Exploration Academy (Oakland, CA)
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The JSEA (1991) study asked, "What would you identify as detracting from a successful and satisfying working relationship?
The dichotomous division of principal as "inside person" and president as "outside person" first suggested in the JSEA (1991) study is not so simple a divide.
His account, however, meets to a high level the historians' demand for objectivity, and he has since managed to enhance the contribution history can make to public debate by further publications, in particular "'Manufacturing Consensus': The Role of the State Council in Brunei Darussalam," JSEAS (2000a) and The Brunei Constitution of 1959: An Inside History (2000b).
His article, "Sarawak Malay Attitudes towards Education during the Period of Brooke Rule, 1841-1946," appeared in JSEAS (1990), "Mission Education in Sarawak during the Period of Brooke Rule, 1840-1946," in SMJ (1991), "Education in Sarawak from Brooke Rule to Colonial Office Administration 1841-1963," in BRB (1992), and "The Attitudes of the Brookes towards Education in Sarawak 1841-1941," in JMBRAS (1997a).