JSEADJoint Suppression of Enemy Air Defense
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Quite the contrary, a SOF-configured SSGN can expend its attack munitions in JSEAD or strategic attack, and then remain in position to continue a SOF campaign of ISR, direct action, and combat search and rescue.
He organized the JSEAD conference at Patuxent River, initiated the EW/IO Analysis Conference, and has been a conduit to the Navy on numerous AOC initiatives.
Session I will address support to JSEAD and will include briefings on the following: Common Aero Vehicle (CAV) by the USAF Space Operations School; Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imagery by the USAF Space Operations School; GPS/SATCOM by the USAF Space Operations School; ISR Cross Queuing by Col John Feda, USAF, Deputy for Surveillance and Reconnaissance S ystems; Rapid Attack Identification, Detection, and Reporting System (RAIDRS) by Maj Brad Hawk, Defensive Counterspace, AFSPC/DRCC; ELINT by Brig Gen Lawrence Mitchell, USA (ret.